30 years of Cruiser knowledge

I bought my first FJ40 in 1989. It was an October, 1977 FJ40. A few years later, it was the victim of someone running a stop sign that unfortunately got t-boned by my truck. The result was a replacement Cruiser fondly named Zebranator II. I know some of you even remember that truck. A number of years and several Toyotas later...

While building a Cruiser for a friend, I decided to buy a pre-bent set of lines for the truck. I have completely plumbed a Land Cruiser before and knew I could do it but I felt I had so much more to do that it would be worth saving time this way. Unfortunately the kit I purchased from a prominently advertised tubing supplier was almost totally worthless. Out of 13 lines needed, only 3 were close enough to re-bend and use. I then found out that one of the prominent Cruiser parts suppliers to the Mud community was using the same kit. Knowing that there were others who either didn’t want to bend their own lines or couldn’t, I put out the feelers to see who would want me to create them. The response was surprising. So I am here ready to supply you with lines for your truck. 

"One of these things is not like the other."

Today, I downloaded the picture on the left from the internet. I also took the photo on the right today. They are the same kit from two different places. The one on the left is from a well known established brake line company. The one on the right is my kit. The problems with their kit is exactly why I started my business, Rainman's Brake Lines. (Ref: The last testimony below.)


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The top red circle is the on the chassis line. There are two bends that shouldn't be there. The next circle is the rear axle long line. I didn't realize the diff was flat on top. The last circle is on the Master Cylinder to rear line. That 90 degree bend is near impossible to remove without crimping the line somehow. It should go straight down to the frame. It CAN NOT be used the way it is shown.